a wealth of talent at your command

You get the insight, information and options you need to make informed choices

analysis and strategy

We become fully absorbed in your operation to get a hands-on understanding of your business, objectives, operations and critical success factors. We take a long, hard look at where you’ve been, where you are and where you want to be — and provide creative solutions on how you can get there

plan marketing and implementation

The same level of energy and expertise that goes into developing your strategy goes into implementing it. Our resources enable us to provide ultimate flexibility in terms of plan design, funding and networks.

plan management

We can be as involved as you want us to be in day-to-day benefits issues and administration. Our goal is to help you and your people spend more time on strategic issues and less time on administration

M&A due diligence

Helping you to protect your financial interests. Our merger & acquisition due diligence services are designed to identify potential liabilities and estimate future contribution and expense requirements.

hr outsourcing

The expertise, fresh perspective and resources you need to meet the HR challenges you face. We can function as an extension of your HR department or provide assistance on an as-needed basis providing a wide range of services.

risk management and insurance

We offer a full range of risk management and insurance solutions designed to help you manage benefit costs and improve employee satisfaction that are available from our sister company, Genatt Associates


Following are two case studies that embody our philosophy and level of service
  • Medium size retail organization

    The issue was drastically increasing premiums with a reduction of benefits. This was negatively affecting employee retention. As part of our commitment to each client, we thoroughly reviewed the entire situation and recommended a multi-tier…

  • Two Firms Merging

    Two sizable firms merging were concerned about benefits The CEO of the newly formed company was intent on keeping and expanding the benefits package for all employees. However, the business classification initially appeared to be…