5 Secrets to Successful Benefits Administration

Every day, Benefits Administrators face the intersecting and increasing demands of coverage, compliance, and cost containment. As these responsibilities become more and more complex, the Benefits Administrator’s role becomes more and more critical.   Here are some simple secrets to benefits administration that can help you meet these demands and build employee retention:

1. Empower Employees

Encouraging employees to access their benefits information regularly as they become knowledgeable about their choices saves time, confusion, and stress. Employee engagement (even through Read-Only files) can keep information timely and profiles correct. Familiarity with benefits builds confidence in the coverage and connection to the company.

The Secret:  Empowerment and involvement build loyalty.

2. Walk-About

Be available, not invisible. Get up from behind your desk and circulate.  People relate to a person, not a title.  Conduct regular “listening tours” as you walk around the work areas of your organization.  As folks get to see and know you, they can ask questions (and so can you). A Benefits Administrator should be involved and visible, not just available during “Open Season” when making big decisions about coverage changes.

The Secret: Listening helps you to understand and anticipate others’ needs.

3. Family First

Benefits are family business. It’s important that husbands, wives, partners, and other family members understand the details of the benefits package. This reduces confusion during emergency situations, while providing an opportunity to review evolving individual and family needs.

The Secret: Employees will be relieved that other family members understand the benefits package.

4. Collaborate and Initiate

Discount gym memberships, spa programs, education, training, and other “perks” foster healthy and happy employees.  These benefits are often employee-initiated. By working together to plan for and negotiate the discount, a Benefits Administrator is building a reservoir of rapport and trust.

The Secret: Adding “perks” often takes little and adds much.

5.  Envision the Future

A smart Benefits Administrator looks at today and plans for tomorrow, working with employees to design forward-thinking, individualized plans. Review and revise. While planning their future with you, they are seeing their future with you.

The Secret: Retention rates increase when employees plan their future with you.

It’s No Secret:

The Benefits Administrator always benefits from the many enduring and close relationships with employees, and from the knowledge that their work improves the quality of life for so many others.

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