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9 Easy steps to stay informed

It’s important to stay informed on the latest laws and regulations that will affect your organization. Regular interaction with a number of sources can keep you up-to-date. Join and participate in professional networking groups and encourage senior management to do the same. These groups offer the opportunity to exchange information and to establish relationships with…
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How to add value to your benefits package without adding cost

There are a number of no-cost options that add value to a benefits package – and your company – without adding costs.  Here are a few: 1.   Provide Clear Information Most candidates and new employees are fairly overwhelmed, starting with making the decision to take the job. Part of that decision comes from understanding the benefits…
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6 proven steps to increase employee retention

 1.The “stay” interview:  Why wait until an employee is leaving to find out about his job satisfaction through an exit interview? Institute “stay” interviews-- scheduled meetings where you ask: “How are you doing?”  The one-on-one conversations provide insight into an employee and help to identify – and offer solutions to – -potential problems. Employees know…
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Staying on top of government benefits regulations

It’s essential to stay on top of government benefits regulations. Every day, companies face the challenge of complying with changes in government benefits regulations. Keeping up with the complex changes can mean avoiding expensive and embarrassing fines and audits. Here are some simple suggestions to help you keep up with benefits regulations: 1. Maintain a…
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