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Today’s Technology is HR User Friendly

In a relatively short time, technology has earned an irreplaceable role in businesses throughout the world. From record keeping to payroll management, from employee data maintenance to government compliance, from goal setting to data analysis, complex computer programs provide efficient Human Resources systems that maintain timely, comprehensive and invaluable support. It wasn’t too long ago…
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Employee Recognition Programs – Avoiding the Pitfalls

For most organizations, employees represent their biggest investment. Retaining a well-trained, knowledgeable staff assures continuity, and saves time and money. The value of keeping employees feeling satisfied cannot be underestimated. For many HR professionals, Employee Recognition Programs are ROI Programs, designed to build job satisfaction and company loyalty. According to Donald Clifton in How Full…
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6 Tips for Building a Successful Company Culture

A successful business today is built on a successful company culture. This term can be interpreted as a company’s personality, reflecting its values and practices. The term is brought to life by how employees act and interact. A nurturing company culture increases employee retention, attitude, morale, and engagement. Above all, a positive company culture increases…
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5 Secrets to Successful Benefits Administration

Every day, Benefits Administrators face the intersecting and increasing demands of coverage, compliance, and cost containment. As these responsibilities become more and more complex, the Benefits Administrator’s role becomes more and more critical.   Here are some simple secrets to benefits administration that can help you meet these demands and build employee retention: 1. Empower Employees…
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