How to add value to your benefits package without adding cost

There are a number of no-cost options that add value to a benefits package – and your company – without adding costs.  Here are a few:

1.   Provide Clear Information
Most candidates and new employees are fairly overwhelmed, starting with making the decision to take the job. Part of that decision comes from understanding the benefits plans and making initial choices.  Clearly written materials created by your company can eliminate confusion and reflect that the company really cares about you choosing the right benefits.

2.  Empower Employees
From the initial intake interview, encourage employees to access their benefits information regularly. Becoming knowledgeable about their choices saves time, confusion, and stress. Employee engagement (even through Read-Only files) can keep information timely and profiles correct. Familiarity with benefits builds confidence in the coverage and connection to the company.

3.  Arrange Family Meetings 
Benefits are the families business. It’s important that husbands, wives, partners, and other family members understand the details of the benefits package. This reduces confusion during emergency situations, while providing an opportunity to review evolving individual and family needs. Employees will be relieved that other family members understand the benefits package.

4. Create a Referral Network 
Your company may not be able to provide every benefit your employees seek, but you can develop a list of reliable resources or you can invite them to a lunch-and-learn. These benefits discussions could cover Wills, Financial Planning, Estate Planning, Tuition Savings, Loans, and Personal Insurance.

5.  Attractive Scheduling Options
The traditional 9 to 5, Monday to Friday work pattern is fading in popularity. Instead, the flex-time scheduling offers an attractive alternative by taking into account individual scheduling needs.  Another appealing benefit allows that the employee be scheduled to work from home once a week.

6. Great Benefits Packages
Don’t underestimate the power of the package.  Employees want great benefits  packages, and we know how to create them. Rely on Kinloch’s expertise and experience to develop value-added benefits packages that are flexible, cost-effective, and attractive to employees.

These no-costs benefits deliver the valuable message that your company cares about its employees’ well-being beyond the job performance.

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