6 proven steps to increase employee retention

 1.The “stay” interview: 

Why wait until an employee is leaving to find out about his job satisfaction through an exit interview? Institute “stay” interviews-- scheduled meetings where you ask: “How are you doing?”  The one-on-one conversations provide insight into an employee and help to identify – and offer solutions to – -potential problems. Employees know that they matter because they are heard and supported.

2. Reward Recognition: 

Give a personal “thank you.” Slap a “high five.” Write a “sticky” note.  Lead a round of applause.  Start each day with a group huddle. Let your employees know that you appreciate individual and team efforts.  These acknowledgements cost nothing – in contrast to pizza and bagel treats – but are invaluable. Generate excitement, energy and sincere appreciation.

3.  Encourage Work/Life Balance:

When people feel good about themselves, they bring that good feeling to their work. Nurture a culture that supports work/life balance.  Pace the work and avoid non-stop marathons. Prevent burn-out and drop out. Be sure every employee takes his or her vacation time, respect special early-leave requests for family events, consider flex-schedules, and encourage exercise programs and healthy eating.

4.  Professional Development:  

Speak with your staff members about their aspirations and goals.  Discuss the possibility of their advancement. Suggest your company’s continuing education courses and job-related programs or see if your company helps to fund tuition reimbursement or  business conferences. Employees flourish when you support their professional growth.

5.  Be a coach: A good mentor is hard to find.

It is often said, “people leave managers and supervisors more than they leave companies or jobs.” Be sure that every employee is clear about expectations and communication. Provide clear evaluations with specific suggestions for improvement. Employees stay when they are being treated fairly, coached responsibly and recognized for their improvement.

6. Provide a Great Benefit Package: 

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