9 Easy steps to stay informed

It’s important to stay informed on the latest laws and regulations that will affect your organization. Regular interaction with a number of sources can keep you up-to-date.

  1. Join and participate in professional networking groups and encourage senior management to do the same. These groups offer the opportunity to exchange information and to establish relationships with others in your field who share the same challenges and concerns as you face. Continue the conversation by communicating on a Blog about the most recent changes.
  2. Set up regular meetings with your legal/insurance/accounting professionals. These are the folks in your organization who are responsible for keeping you informed about current changes that affect your company now and what to expect in the future.
  3. Go to our website where you’ll find resources, legislative alerts and briefs on compliance issues. Learn the latest news with clearly written explanations of the new laws and regulations that will affect your organization.
  4. Subscribe to and read industry journals and competitors’ websites. Reading never goes out of style and industry-specific magazines often hone in on issues specific to your industry. Competitors’ websites are important to review, but also can be mined for information.
  5. Regularly Google “benefits updates in (your industry).” You’ll be surprised at the growing list of articles.
  6. Subscribe to email updates from the Department of Labor. This is the place that provides state and federal information—from “the source.”
  7. Join the Society for Human Resource Management and receive their legislative updates. They have other useful newsletters and tools, and access to the website is important for staying abreast of changing laws and regulations. They offer a lot of free content, but the most important articles and policy samples reside behind a paid-only firewall.
  8. Participate in or visit websites for webinars and presentations that include timely topics such as “Understanding the new overtime rule.”
  9. Make it a point to visit these important sites regularly: New York State of Health and Federal Health Insurance Exchange

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